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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. –Albert Einstein 

Category: Educational/ Family Friendly

In 2022, the Coalsack Media team has been working on a new children’s series that addresses mental health, behaviour and societal challenges that children face.

As a project very close to our hearts, the team used their experiences and personalities, explored mental and societal challenges they have been faced with since they were children, and came up with characters that represent their status.

 Through different experiences the characters learn to use their unique struggles as strengths as they learn about individualism and self-confidence.

Category: Young Adult / Coming Of Age


Motlatsi Kane is a 38 year old father, writer and co-founder of Coalsack Media, with an accounting degree from the University of Cape Town. He has also been working in the financial industry for over a decade.  

A lot of the stories he tells are based on experiences growing up and living in Lesotho and South Africa. Bishop Q is targeted at the young adult , the aim is to inspire new narratives and to encourage reading. 

Motlatsi has based the STARCITY Universe on an area he grew up in called Naleli, which means “Star” in Sesotho. 

Category: Supernatural Fiction/ Horror


Mokena Makeka. Architect. Author. Crypt keeper. Polisher of torture devices. Documenter of dark dreams. Resides in Cape Town, South Africa; a father of two delightful daughters. Serial entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at several universities.

He loves to cook, is a former musician, herd boy and spent his formative years in New York, where he spent late nights watching horror movies and conversed with things that go bump in the night. He has written for numerous academic publications. He sings in the choir of St Mary Margaret Catholic Church and writes fiction under the anagram Anekom Akekam. He is co-founder of numerous NGO’s and businesses including Coalsack media.



We embrace DiversityEquity, and Inclusion in everything we do – from recruiting for our projects, publishing and operations to fostering safe and respectful workplaces that encourage collaboration. 

Our culture is based on African principles of respect, inclusion, and fair treatment and we welcome anyone into our family without regard to race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.

Our diversity fuels our innovation and inspires us to create worlds that bring us closer to the global community we serve, and the continent from which we hail. 

We support the 2030 SDG’s.


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